Document Checklist for Apartments Purchase

Document checklist for Apartment purchase- what you need to know before buying an Apartment and Property.


Purchasing a property in India is not an easy task . Apreciation in real estate ,taxes of property and secondary charges it’s really difficult to buy and sell property in india. However
 When you  comes to real estate property, documents matters the most. Documents, in fact,
are the most important criteria to analyse and consider taking the step further.
Having the right documents certainly gives confidence of investing in the legal property having no problem for the long term.


Let’s check 8 such important documents you should look for before investing in a property

Title Deed :

One has this document as the most important as it establishes ownership over the land and thereby the flat. It also helps to trace the past ownership of the land .It is ones responsibility to check the title deed and ensure that there are no legal disputes associated with the property. One needs to check for general power of attorney where the right to sell the land to others or construct an apartment is granted to the developer by the owner of the land. Imagine if one has purchased an apartment and then finds that the general power of attorney is invalid and the developer has no right to sell the land.


Sale agreement :

One has an agreement with the developer called a sale agreement. This basically specifies the rules and regulations and conditions of the transaction one has with the developer. This agreement is made before construction commences and is written for a future time period. One might have a clause included where the sale agreement can be terminated.


Sale deed :

One has the sale deed where the ownership is transferred from the seller of the property. One cannot purchase a property if there is no sale deed. The sale deed is registered with the office of the sub registrar and stamp duty and registration charges need to be paid. One needs to check the sale deed of the developer which contains the buyers name, location and number of the property and any other details deemed necessary.


Khatha :

One needs to check the khatha of the developer which reveals the owners name, size of the property, location of the property as well as the tax paid on the property. One has the khatha transferred through the registrar’s office after the purchase is made. If one purchases an apartment in Bangalore he needs to check if the developer has a khatha A certificate .One needs this certificate for water and electricity connection as well as a building license.


Encumbrance certificate :

One needs to check the encumbrance certificate which states that the property is free from any outstanding loans or a loan liability. One needs to check for the past 30 years to ensure that the property one is purchasing is free from any encumbrance.


DC Conversion :

If the property one is purchasing is an agricultural plot it needs to be converted to a non agricultural plot by the developer. The developer sends an application to the deputy commissioner and the land is said to be DC converted once approved. One now has land ready for residential use.


Layout :

One now has DC converted land and the developer makes the layout plan or design. One has the layout which has the plot size, park or a road and is sent for Government approval to see if it matches set standards. One has the original layout registered and a deviation from this in construction might land one in problems.


Occupancy certificate :

One needs to check if the developer has an occupancy certificate issued by the Government which states that the building is fit for occupancy. The developer gets this certificate if the constructions conform to the submitted layout and the building is deemed safe as per the inspections of the fire service department. One is not permitted to indulge in commercial activity within the premises.


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